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Online ticket

In order to save your time, buy tickets on our website! When buying an online ticket, we will prepare equipment for you in advance, as we know the time of your arrival.

Buy a ticket right now!

  • Children (height is up to 140 cm) 15€
  • Schoolchildren, students (when providing a certificate) 18€
  • Adults 20€
  • Personal instructor for a child *** 12€/val.
  • Personal Instructor for an Adult *** 19€/val.
  • 1 accompanying adult for a child ** 10€
  • * age from 14 years old, height from 150 cm, weight from 50 kg
  • ** only on children's tracks
  • *** if you want to go through the tracks that you are not allowed because of your height, you can use the “Individual Instructor” service. The instructor will help you pass irresistible tracks. Guests are allowed to go to yellow and orange tracks with a height of 110 cm, to a green track - from 120 cm, to blue and red tracks – from 140 cm (at the instructor's discretion)

A rent of arbors (2,5 hours)

  • Small 20€
  • Medium 25€
  • Large 35€

Birthday discount

Birthday people are given a discount of 50% upon provision of an identity document. The discount can be used 3 days before, on the day of birth and 3 days after the birthday. Discount does not apply to the tariff.

Gift certificate (for any amount)

The rules of the gift certificate:
  • The gift certificate is valid for three months from the date of purchase.
  • Pre-registration for visit with a gift certificate is not required.
  • A gift certificate can be purchased at the park's ticket office.

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Agreement on visiting the park

For your convenience and saving your time, you can download and fill in the agreement on visiting the park in advance (you have to fill in two copies, one copy you give to the administrator at the ticket office, the second one remains with you).

Ticket validity rules

  • If you have purchased an on-line ticket and want to postpone the date of your visit, at least one day earlier You need to call the administrator by phone 861000009 during working hours;
  • You can cancel an on-line ticket and return money via the system Paysera;
  • If you failed to undergo safety instructions because of fear of heights, lack of physical fitness, medical contraindications, you should contact the administrator, who will return the money;
  • If the park is closed due to weather conditions, and you have passed at least one track, no refund will be made;
  • If you previously have purchased an on-line ticket for a particular day, and that day the park is closed due to weather conditions, no refund is made, but a gift certificate is issued for visiting the park during the month, similar to the purchased ticket.
2019. Belmontas Adventure Park

Working hours in September:

Saturday - Sunday from 11:00 - 18:30;

+370 (61) 00-00-09
Belmonto g. 17, Vilnius

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