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Rope park

To have fun with friends, compete in agility and speed, overcome timidity and fear of heights, get a lot of new impressions, we offer:

  • passage of rope tracks - for guests from 110 cm we offer yellow and orange tracks, from 140 cm – a green track, from 150 cm - blue and red tracks, from 150 cm, 50 kg, from 14 years old – a grey track

Rent of Arbors

To receive greetings from friends and parents, taste a delicious cake, get presents in a cozy atmosphere – we offer to rent arbors where 10 to 40 people can gather together

Funny animators

And our funny animators will enable parents to relax and enjoy the holiday, not worrying about what their children will be busy with.

They will prepare a lot of games, raffles, contests and interesting surprises, any children’s event will be a fascinating journey to a magical country, so the holiday will surely take place in a joyful atmosphere.

Quests for children

Would you like to surprise the child and his guests? Then in our adventure park for you we carry out quests that will not let the team get bored even for a minute. In a playful way children will receive tasks, having solved which, they will find the treasures hidden by the ancient pirate.

They will be able to work in a team and help each other. A variety of tasks in the game will help the children to express themselves and show their best side.

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Recreation for adults

Do you have a birthday, graduation party, hen-party or stag-party, corporate party or any other celebration? Are you tired of boring feasts? Do you want fresh air, drive, positive and activity?

Then we are waiting for you in Belmontas Adventure Park!

We are glad to offer:

Rope tracks

Passage of 4 rope tracks in order of increasing complexity: green, blue, red and gray tracks, for the most powerful, dexterous and courageous we offer a black track (from 18 years old with sufficient physical preparation).


Rent of arbors

For a cozy and comfortable stay we offer to rent arbors where 10 to 40 people can gather together.

Participation in quests

For fans of active games in nature and to unite the team, we offer to participate in quests (orientation games).

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Corporate events

Are you thinking over the celebration of significant dates of the company or just decided to organize a small team-building?

Then we invite you to Belmontas adventure park!

There you will see:

Obstacles of the rope park

You will be able to test yourself and your colleagues to compete in agility and speed on 5 tracks of various levels of difficulty (green, blue, red, grey and black (for the most physically prepared) tracks). In our park, the spatial configuration of the 3D tracks is used, therefore, passing the next obstacle, you can easily exchange jokes or impressions with colleagues.


Rent of arbors

To continue the celebration of your fete, you can rent arbors where 10 to 40 people can gather together.

Participation in quests

To unite your team, we offer quests in which employees will better learn and discover each other from the new side.

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Quests (orientation games) – are exciting and incredibly interesting team games, with which you can reveal the strengths of each player, strengthen the team spirit, learn how to solve problems together, think quickly and logically and navigate the locality.

During the quest, participants are divided into teams.

The first option of quests

In the first option of the game, participants search for hidden riddles, solve them with the help of graphic materials.

The second option of quests

In the second option, using mobile phones, teams communicate with a virtual person who:

  • accompanies players throughout the game,
  • communicates with the players,
  • supports the pace of the game,
  • sends tasks and maps,
  • if necessary, gives tips and clues for riddles,
  • checks answers, explains solutions.

Participation in games of orientation is not just an excellent reason to change the situation, it is interesting to relax and vary your everyday life. This is an incredible opportunity to get to know the people with whom you work or communicate under unusual conditions, assess their strengths and weaknesses, motivate them to achieve common goals and strengthen team spirit.

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